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How to lose weight fast

This is Why Juice Makes You Fat

This ‘healthy’ drink has 36 grams of sugar per cup, which is the same as four Krispy Kreme glazed donuts. By April Benshosan & Olivia Tarantino March 19, 2018 It’s natural, it’s packed with vitamin C, and it comes from Florida—so what could be wrong with orange juice? For starters, many bottles are jam-packed with […]

How to Lose Weight Fast

Maybe it’s a big event coming up: your high school reunion, a friend’s wedding, or a beach vacation. Or maybe you are finally ready to shed those unwanted pounds, you’re just impatient at how long it could take. Although slow and steady typically wins the weight loss race, it is possible to slim down at […]

30 Little Things Making You Gain Weight

An extra bite here, a lunch at your desk there—who would’ve thought that even the smallest actions could impact your body’s number on the scale? And while single actions alone will not be the impetus behind your climbing weight (like splurging on a cupcake for your coworker’s birthday), it’s when these little actions become habits […]

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